Leadership Elevation Retreat – Fall 2018

The Leadership Elevation Retreat

Fascinating? Challenging? What's been your leadership experience? Want more fascination and new, more healthy challenges?

Leading an organization or team can be highly stressful, filled with conflict, competitive agendas, promising but raw talent, and unaligned strategic priorities, impacting your organizational and personal health. It's time for transformation! This retreat style leadership development experience, embedded in the serenity of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, is a unique and powerful way for you to:


  • Leverage personal insights to understand why and how you make the decisions you make
  • Strengthen trust in your relationships for faster, confident decisions
  • Experience windows of calm to reflect on your opportunities and challenges with fresh eyes and discover a new perspective
  • Learn new leadership tools and diagnose how and when to use them
  • Collaborate with other executives for fresh perspectives on your challenges
Rediscover your "leadership groove" in the calm of The Dao House retreat center!

Knowing You

Oct 24-25, 2018

Knowing Others

Dec 5-6, 2018

  • The difference between being a manager and being a leader.
  • Reflective thinking to untangle confusing problems
  • Your power style and using it for good
  • Emergenetics: How to gain team cohesion by understanding your thinking styles
  • Why life "balance" won't balance your life
  • Health and wellness elective activity
  • What is an authentic and courageous leader?
  • Ethics and leadership
  • The science of persuasion – how and why others will support your ideas
  • Why endings are good
  • FlowSim
  • The 4 corners of connection
  • Health and wellness elective activity

Your Shadow Leader

Feb 6-7, 2019

Leading Your Future

Apr 10-11, 2019

  • The freedom of difficult conversations.
  • Accountability – what it really looks like
  • 360 results: Do others see your leadership as you do? Leverage your strengths and identify paths for development.
  • Health and wellness elective activity
  • ValueMatch - Applying Graves theory to your world.
  • Bringing leadership calm to the storm
  • What are your specific growth challenges and how to lead through cultural change.
  • Health and wellness elective activity

Discover more fascination and enjoy healthy challenge as a leader!

Register by 30 July 2018!

$7,500 per person for all modules. Modules not available individually.  All modules are prerequisites for the next module. Payment includes assessment tool fees, books, 3 nights (each module - 12 nights total) lodging Dao House  (dbl occ), meals on workshop days, roundtrip Estes Park Shuttle service from airport the Dao House. (Does not include airline.) Call 303-519-3001 with questions.