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“I hate having balance in my life!”
Have you heard about needing “balance” in your life? It is futile to seek balance. The word should be stricken from your vocabulary. PGA is where you invest your thoughts to achieve strong personal relationships, career results, community contribution and greater fulfillment with less stress. PGA is the acronym for Priorities, Goals and Actions. Live a priority, intentional life, not a “balanced” life.

“Self awareness. Ugh! Do I have to?!”
Most of us run for the door when we hear the “self awareness” phrase. Reflective thinking and understanding that “what got me here won’t get me there” is the key to learning and growing as a leader. Do you know leaders that have the same approach as they did 10 years ago? You bet you do, and you’re not that type of leader.

A quick group activity (30 minutes) that remarkably demonstrates the power of information flow and what it does or does not do for your customer facing employees.

Communication – Why don’t they get me?”
Based on the neuroscience based work of Dr. Geil Browning, we composed of 4 thinking preferences and 3 behavioral styles. We are genetically predispositioned and environmentally shaped. Learn how to unlock these secrets to more effectively communicate to your teams and lock in sales.

“Courageous leadership – in the conference room”
We hear about courageous acts on the battlefield, but what about courage in our everyday business life? How important is it to show that courage, to make the right decision instead of the easy or less risky decision. How does this affect followership?