Applying your new learnings…

You’re in a real job so let’s make your leadership learnings real.

What are the most vexing challenges you’re facing? Here’s are typical challenges for which our clients have engaged us:

  • How do I change this group of B and C players into a team of A players?
  • Need cultural change as the company is moving through growth phases. Heck, how do I even define culture?
  • Trust issues – your team is not being open with each other or with you
  • Cash flow – what is that?
  • We’ve developed a great technology- now where is the market?
  • I’ve told them 100 times what the vision is – how come they don’t get it?
  • We’ve got to stop playing in the sand box and do some real products.
  • I have no balance in my life.
  • When do I start putting more formal processes in place?
  • Were going to be acquired and I have no idea what the process is or how to get out of it what we want.
  • How do we integrate two completely different cultures together?
  • This place is so bureaucratic it’s killing me!
  • I need to break up these “silos” but everybody is against it.
  • Why is my customer unhappy? We’re doing everything the best we can!
  • Strategy and planning – aren’t they the same thing?
  • I don’t have anybody qualified to take over my role.
  • Why are so many employees leaving? Or, if not leaving, calling in sick and not performing?

We don’t get hired because of application to a leader’s family or community life. BUT, when you address the underlying solutions to the above questions, it enriches all aspects of your life.