Hal and Baadrea Bagley – Your personal leadership coaches

Hal and Baadrea are passionate to share their combined, extensive leadership training and experiences to energize other leaders into realizing their greater potential. As a recent senior executive in both startups and a Fortune 100 company, and called a “leader of leaders” by former employers, Hal brings leadership theory into reality with everyday leadership challenges. When combined with Baadrea’s intuitive insights on one’s awareness, key behaviors, and strengths, transformation of the leader and organization result.

Hal and Baadrea come alongside executives to meet them at their point of need with a unique combination of coaching, management of the core inner self and business consulting. They believe it is the intersection of these powerful components that produces lasting change for leaders. Leaders become more introspective, intentional, confident in the face of withering challenges, impactful, visionary and fulfilled. And these leaders inspire their organizations to ultimately do the same.

Hal has led in the diverse world of startups, a Fortune 100 company (leading 15,000 people through cultural and process driven transformation), non-profits and thriving through mergers, both personally and as a consultant. Baadrea’s insights come from working with a diverse population in corporations, sole proprietorships, non-profits, hospitals, and county agencies. This diversity means she has “seen it all” and is rarely surprised by the breadth or depth of challenges in corporate leadership. Clients have particularly noted our expertise in urgently growing crucial technical talent into leadership roles, cultural transformation, mergers, and working with high potential leaders who may be unaware of behaviors not conducive to their own growth or that of the organization.

Hal’s Employment (partial)

  • Elevate2Lead Leadership Coaching – 7 years
  • VP Eng’g / PE, Lockheed Martin
  • VP&COO – Coherent Technologies

Hal’s Qualifications

  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Univ of Colorado
  • Lockheed Martin – Full Spectrum Leadership
  • FGI leadership programs – approx. 500 hours domestic & international
  • Numerous instrument certifications

Hal’s Other

  • Founder, President, The Pearl Group (501(c)3 of single parent families) – 10 years
  • Centura – Longmont United Hospital Board Treasurer
  • Guest lecturer – University of Colorado
  • Rotary International

Baadrea’s Employment (partial)

  • Elevate2Lead Leadership Coaching – 7 years
  • Psychotherapist – Boulder County, CO

Baadrea’s Qualifications

  • MA, Clinical Counseling, Univ of Northern Colorado
  • BA, Psychology, Univ of Colorado
  • Registered Psychotherapist – Colorado
  • FGI leadership programs – approx. 200 hours domestic & international

Baadrea’s Other

  • Volunteer counselor for non-profits
  • Volunteers & single mothers- The Pearl Group
  • County Jail
  • Homeless shelter
  • Mentor for at-risk youth
  • Women’s safe shelter
  • Group leader – FCCI – Women’s leadership