What Our Clients Are Saying

This time with Elevate2Lead has resulted in quite probably the highest personal growth I have experience in my career.  …You will not find a finer organization when it comes to equipping people and developing communication skills at the executive level.  Thank you Elevate2Lead!

Scott A. Solem
Vice President of Business Development
Sun Construction and Facility Services

Elevate2Lead has helped us step back, honestly survey ourselves, our relationships, and proactively align our goals and meld our strengths. As a result, our company’s effectiveness is improving daily…. Their contribution has, without a doubt, been transformational!

K.C. Schwarz, CEO

At first I was a skeptic of the process and after five months of working through the process I have personally benefited greatly from the coaching and our organization is now moving in a more positive direction as well.

Chris Whitley
Founder & CFO

Hal and Baadrea led a strategic consulting engagement for me and my team that was instrumental in setting the way forward for the firm…As the CEO, I found their assistance very helpful both professionally and personally and I admire what they have accomplished in their professional and personal lives.

Lisa N. Wolford
President & CEO

Baadrea Bagley is a consummate professional with great insights, a gentle and very strong presence. Her personal value will complement and enhance any business. I will not hesitate a moment to invite her to work with us again in the future.

Tim Rouse
President, FGI International

Elevate2Lead coaching helped to grow my confidence and my leadership skills in a remarkable way. It also helped me personally to find my voice at the table with my business partners. There is a dynamic that Hal and Baadrea each bring to the table as a team that magnifies the clarity and impact of their wise counsel.

Dr. Lyn Graves
Founder, Senior Vision Services

Hal has an extraordinary talent for instilling a long-term vision for organizations and then aligning or growing the organization’s talent to make the vision a reality. I have seen him serve as this type of effective change agent in both small organizations and large ones. Hal has a great enthusiasm for individual growth and development and, as a mentor, has a knack for asking the right questions that enable you to push beyond your own boundaries

Stephen Hannon
President – Mind the Gap LLC


I must say that I reflect daily on the benefits of great coaching and mentorship and how profound the positive impacts can be. I am grateful for and humbled by the fact that people such as yourself and Baadrea choose to influence others in such positive ways and make the world a better place. Thank you!

Andrew Garst

Chief Scientist – Inscripta

Hal loves leaders. His own leadership gifts have been honed, challenged and developed throughout his career, from leading a successful start up, to leading 15,000 employees through a major change initiative at Lockheed Martin, to launching his own thriving consulting business.  He also understands the dynamic tension that leaders face as they engage employees, marketplace and their own goals and dreams.  His practical expertise and valuable tools bring insight and structure to every leader’s challenges.  Too many consultants bring a one size fits all solution to the table. Hal knows that each of us have different strengths, skills and issues. His coaching premise is that leadership is both internal and external and that the best leaders discover how to bring the best of themselves to the table.  He has done that he can help you do that.

Rick Rusaw
Sr. Pastor – Lifebridge Christian Church

Two years ago I became the lead pastor of Rocky Mountain Christian Church. Since I was following a very successful pastor who had been there 30 years, I knew I needed some help. I reached out to Hal Bagley and asked him to be my coach. My meetings with Hal have been critical to my early success both personally and professionally. As a longtime business leader and a leader in his local church, Hal understands both worlds. He has helped me work through many significant decisions that have helped us take positive steps in the right direction. I would highly recommend Hal to any organization.

Shan Moyer
Sr. Pastor – Rocky Mountain Christian Church

After years of rigorous engineering training and many technical successes in an industrial setting, I believed that I was well-prepared to advance in my career path.  As my career trajectory began to stall, I was forced to acknowledge that I was missing some key elements necessary for continued success.  Hal and Baadrea have helped me to better leverage my strengths, acknowledge and overcome my weaknesses, and provided tools to improve my working relationships across all levels of the organization.  As a result, I have had greater success in negotiating challenging interactions to achieve win-win outcomes, I have become more effective in my role within the organization, and I am being asked to take on more complicated and strategic responsibilities.

Matthew Lipscomb, Ph.D.
Project Leader

RealD hired Elevate2Lead to facilitate my transition from heavy involvement in internal R&D activities, to a more external facing CTO role. I found the process immensely helpful on a number of levels. Hal put me on a fast track to addressing my issues.

I highly recommend the services that Elevate2Lead provides; not just for someone in my position, but for any position requiring effective leadership and collaboration with co-workers, and for rich and meaningful interaction with the important people in our lives.

Gary Sharp, PhD
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Innovation Officer
RealD Inc.

I have worked closely with Elevate2Lead for the past 6 months, and Hal has been a true joy to work with. He has both challenged and guided me during the sale of (privately held company) and now during post-acquisition integration planning. Hal has a very strong approach for identifying and communicating across the variety of personality traits and values one encounters within any organization. I would recommend him to any executive facing similar challenges, professionally and/or personally.

Nick Traggis
Vice President of New Product Development
Large publicly traded company

I believe the coaching period has raised the self-awareness of the team and brought us a greater awareness of other members thinking styles, which has improved our interactions and strengthened our overall performance. This has helped further increase my self-awareness and consider my management style and behaviours as they impact and influence others.

Chief Financial Officer
$1.5B Publicly traded energy company

Our company had reached the goals we had set as a start-up and Hal was engaged to help guide our management team into updating the strategic direction for the next stage of our growth.  Hal worked extensively with me behind the scenes learning about the culture of the company, our strengths, weaknesses and crafted a workshop plan unique to us.  The subsequent planning sessions involving a relatively large group were well structured and achieved the desired results with everyone onboard.  I would not hesitate to recommend Hal’s service in helping to guide a company through any transitional time.”

Rainer Kunz
Founder & CEO
ColdQuanta, Inc.