Individual Leadership Coaching

Crucial company leaders who are in need of enhancing skills, identify strengths and developmental needs, and want to leverage existing strengths and improve performance, are ideal candidates for leadership coaching.

We come alongside leaders to meet them at their point of need with a unique combination of coaching, management of the core inner self and business consulting. We believe it is the combination of these powerful components that produces lasting change for leaders. Leaders become more introspective, intentional, and confident in the face of withering challenges, impactful, visionary and fulfilled. And these leaders inspire their organizations to ultimately do the same.

We do this with core beliefs:

  • Authenticity – we are who we are, you are who you are
  • Integrity – Client-Coach Contract/Agreement to identify:
    • Professional Qualifications
    • Expectations of Professional Coaching Relationship
    • Confidentiality
  • Non-judgmental Relationship
  • Courage to share observations with the client, even if the client doesn’t want to hear them

Individuals will receive ongoing feedback and support while working on Elevated Leadership Plans (LEPs) for professional and personal growth. Instruments such as 360 evaluations, Emergenetics, Spiral Dynamics, Firo-B, and Power Profiles are used to meet the client at their point of need and desire for learning.

Time: Typical engagement is 9-12 months

Price: Subject to understanding the scope and need. We do fixed quarterly pricing so you always know what your cost will be.