Design Your Desired Culture

You’ve successfully grown your business organically and/or merged with another company and your instincts tell you that the culture that brought you today’s success is not the culture that will bring tomorrow’s success. Proceed with intention instead of being pulled along by the momentum forces.

This is a unique two and a half day on-site workshop that provides a powerful foundation for executive leaders to transform their companies. The quote “culture eats strategy for breakfast” (Peter Drucker) is highly relevant by those who have lived it. Yet, most of us avoid dealing with cultural transformation because of its ambiguous nature.

This workshop provides an easy to analyze definition for “culture”, a method to identify the current state of your company’s culture, understand your company’s vision and strategic goals, design with intention the culture that you wish to have in place, and list the actionable tactics that will realize the new culture. Install the measurable outcomes of these tactics into your monthly business rhythm to ensure successful integration. We have integrated this workshop from the works for Clayton M. Christensen, Patrick Lencioni, and Daniel Harkavy.

A specific application: Previous clients have leveraged strengths resulting from the merger of two organizations, and chose to co-create an organization of the cultural best practices. The outcome: the new integrated team “owns” the vision and new culture. They quiet the inevitable detractors who are change resistant. They lead instead of follow. And the enthusiasm is infectious and spreads through the organization.

Time: Two and one half days.

Price: $16,900 for up to 20 participants. We do not recommend a larger group for this workshop. Includes travel expenses and assessment fees.