Emerge as a Team

This interactive workshop will help your organization achieve desired results by improving communication, efficiency, and a deeper awareness of individual and team strengths. Emergenetics is a scientific and clear approach to understanding an individual’s unique thinking attributes and behavioral styles, rooted in the concept that you are who you are due to genetics and life experience. The results of this workshop lead to happier, better performing, more insightful employees, and a more collaborative and motivated team.

In preparation, participants receive an on-line individual assessment that takes about 20 minutes to complete. During the workshop, participants learn about their results and the team as a whole. Individual results are disclosed voluntarily. Through energetic activities and learning, participants will gain understanding of how their own individual strengths, communication styles, and behavioral attributes can contribute to a more collaborative team, breaking down the hidden silos, and therefore creating a stronger working unit.

We have many examples of teams posting their Emergenetics Profiles on their office doors or outside their cubicles to facilitate conversations. They use the “red, green, yellow, and blue” lingo in meetings to better communicate their messages and diffuse misunderstanding and tension during conversations. And they carry the knowledge into their homes to better understand the strengths of their children and how they learn in school!

Time: Three quarter day

Price: $7,600 for up to 10 participants. (For each additional participant, add $125 per participant). Includes Hal and Baadrea Bagley as facilitators, travel expenses and survey fees.