Leadership Elevation Program at Your Location

The Leadership Elevation Program

Engage in a proven leadership development experience for executive and senior leadership teams. These 4 learning modules are designed to bootstrap your team into an impactful, efficient leadership team. We bring this program to your facility or the one of your choosing.


  • Gain personal insights to understand why and how you make the decisions you make
  • Create deeper, more trusting relationships for faster, better decisions
  • Experience windows of respite to reflect with fresh eyes and discover a new perspective
  • Learn new leadership tools and apply them to your daily challenges

The learning modules are very application focused. They are offered 4-6 weeks apart to give the team time to absorb the learnings and apply to daily challenges.

Module 1

Module 2

  • The difference between being a manager and being a leader.
  • The power of reflective thinking.
  • Accountability – what it really means.
  • Is a coaching leader style for you?
  • How to gain followership by understanding thinking styles based on the Emergenetics tool.
  • What is an authentic leader?
  • What is a courageous leader?
  • Ethics and leadership
  • Your power style and using it for good
  • The science of persuasion – how and why others will support your ideas
  • Why life “balance” is an ineffective approach --- think PGA!
  • Begin the 360 assessment

Module 3

Module 4

  • Experience the freedom of having the difficult conversations.
  • ValueMatch - Applying Graves theory to your world.
  • How to gain followership through trust building techniques.
  • Do others see your leadership as you do? Leverage your strengths! What might you strengthen? (360 results)
  • What are your specific growth challenges and how to lead through cultural change.

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Time: Each learning module is a two day workshop and is a prerequisite for the next module. We recommend spacing them 4-6 weeks apart.

Price: $12,900 per module for up to and including 10 participants. For each additional participant add $800 per module. Maximum of 30 participants. Includes books and leadership assessment tool fees.