Elevated Communication at a Deeper Level

These 2 learning modules are designed to take communication to a new level of understanding. It is designed to elevate your leadership and sales teams. If clarity, influence, and relationship building are your team’s challenge, we’ve extracted the key knowledge and skill building elements from our other programs and consolidated them into this 4 day program composed of two 2 day sessions.

The learning modules, which are very application focused, offer the leader the following learnings. We recommended spacing the two modules 4-6 weeks apart to allow absorption and on the job application of the material.

Module 1 (2 days):

  • How to gain followership and more clearly communicate by understanding people’s thinking and behavioral styles. This is a workshop based on the Emergenetics tool described at www.Emergenetics.com.
  • FlowSimTM – A tool for illustrating the importance of communication and how the dysfunction may be affecting your customer interfaces.
  • The power of questions and how to harness that power
  • Application to your organization’s immediate pressing needs

Module 2 (2 days):

  • Make it real, make it courageous
  • Official truth vs ground truth
  • The essential skills to lower the hesitancy of difficult conversations with superiors, peers and direct reports. The premise is to have improved daily conversations (including in meeting settings) to mitigate the build up of more difficult emotionally laden conversations.
  • How stories lead others to change
  • Application to your organization’s immediate pressing needs

Price: $25,000 for both modules for up to 10 participants. (For each additional participant, add $150 per participant, max 30 participants). Includes travel expenses and assessment tool fees.