How well do you know you?

Everyday we are forced to make tough decisions, have our every syllable, physical micro movement and attempt at humor analyzed by those that we lead. And each one of them has an opinion as to how we performed. Does it matter? Of course. But more importantly, how well you understand yourself, in depth, gives you the confidence and fortitude to take the courageous steps you need to take to lead your organization.

Multiple tools are utilized to achieve this understanding:

Reflection: What happened and what did I learn? One of the most fundamental tools for a leader to learn.
Brain profiling: Understand how you’re wired to think and how it may differ from the thought processes of others.
Values based operating systems: Understand your deepest value structures and how it drives your response in daily situations.
360 Assessment: How do your peers, subordinates, superiors, and customers percieve your strengths and weaknesses and how might that differ from your perception of yourself?
Power Profile: How do you use your power in a positive, influential manner?

To be pointed about this, your industry specific technical skills got you to where you are, but it is critical behavioral skills that will take you to the next level in your career and your life.