COVID-19: An opportunity for a rejuvenating experience?

Posted on March 26th, 2020

Baadrea and I are in the business of being there for others. She is particularly exceptional at it and is sought for her compassion and wisdom. I tag along.

The last couple of weeks we have felt a surge of need for our time. There is no demographic missed in this surge. Family, friends, and leaders of all levels, rich, poor, young and old. They have a significant uptick in the stress and anxiety that the COVID-19 virus is layering on our “normal” level of stress.  Phone calls, emails, texts, and visits. We are not immune to it ourselves. It is impacting us and our immediate family in every way, except catching the virus.

And thus comes our need for intentionality. Much of this situation has been forced upon us without our control. I found myself operating in a blur, reacting, responding to the needs of others. And yet at the end of our “COVID-19 experience/sabbatical” (I’m using 3 months as a reference without really knowing what it will be) will I look back on my time and see it simply as a blur?  Or will I experience it as a rejuvenating and learning time?

Is my self-discipline sufficient to get the most out of this time? These are questions I’m asking myself:

  1. How can I refresh my spirituality? Can I lean into my faith more? Daily? Deeper? In a more vulnerable way?
  2. Can I ingest outside information (all media channels) in a strictly limited manner?
  3. What significant learning am I open to?
  4. How can share love and compassion to others in a healthy way?
  5. What can I and my family do for fun to experience the joy of life and to refresh my family relationships in a new light?
  6. What are the opportunities and learnings for my business?

Note what I have not included on my list of questions.  I have not included the fear-based questions of a survivalist, financial concerns and business development.  I’m not ignoring them, as there are prudent steps to take. And I know my brain; they will get processed and sorted no matter what my stated intentions are. My intention setting is simply a matter of setting my heart and mind to using the COVID-19 situation as a positive and rewarding experience.